Great Britain is breaking ground in the sports betting and casino gaming market. Arena Leisure, which is a company that primarily functions as a racetrack operator, is company combining race track and casino venues to create a new gambling phenomenon – the Racino, a concept that has already proven to be popular in the US and certain parts of Canada.

The Chief executive of the race track company, Mark Elliot, said he would begin laying down the plan for his innovative casino within the next few months. The company will not only expand their services to include slots and a fully functioning casino floor, it will also expand the existing hotel that is connected to the dog track.

Arena Leisure is certain that this new change will bring in a whole new slew of clientele. Elliot acknowledges that there are potential customers who do not like betting on the dogs who will find it more entertaining to spend their time indoors at a roulette table. This will be a casino bonus UK dog track visitors have been waiting for! It is especially convenient for those who might have family members that enjoy the dogs, while they themselves prefer casino gambling, as it becomes an outing that everyone can enjoy.

With the increased traffic provided by the proposed Racino, the dog track/casino finds it essential to increase the size of the hotel in order to create space for patrons.

The cost of the expansion and addition is estimated to be somewhere around £20 million. The new casino will be the very first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The unique combination will no doubt be the initial attraction of the facility. Many costumers will more than likely come to see just how the facility operates

The proposed casino had been suggested by the company years ago, but the problem was the design of the space. The casinos original design was not as visually appealing to city planners and was subsequently shot down. Now Arena Leisure has returned with a more aesthetic design which they feel will win over the planner and ensure success for the company.