Poker is one of the most frequently played casino games in the world, online and in land based casinos, like casinos in London. Many gamblers learn the game at a young age and then when old enough gamble at a casino for real money. Many just play for fun at home with friends and make a big night out of it with cigars, pizza and beer.

I like playing online poker at casinos, and being based in London, I play at many online poker rooms. These online poker casinos provide you with all the tools to be a winner, from help guides to chat facilities where you can ask the support team for advice or you can ask other players for advice (which I wouldn’t recommend since they want your money).

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This page features the regular poker tips, terms and poker strategies to help you improve your poker game. The basics of a strong poker strategy involves a number of theories that you must bring together to become a consistent poker winner. These concepts below are vital to studying the poker strategy:
• Firm play
• Aggressive play
• Random play
• Taking advantage of your competitor’s mistakes

Keep these the basic concepts in mind as you grow as a poker player. These strategic tips are like the colors on an artist’s palette; in other words, try out different strategies to develop your own style of winning.

Poker Hands
Royal Flush – A, K, Q, J, and 10. All these cards in the same suit
Straight Flush – Any straight cards with the same suit
Four of a Kind – Any 4 cards of the same value
Full House – Any 3 cards of the same value; and a pair
Flush – Any 5 cards of the same suit; not necessarily in sequence
Straight – Any 5 cards in sequence; and of different suit
Three of a Kind – Any 3 cards of the same value; and two high cards
Two Pair – Any 2 cards of the same value along with another 2 cards of the same value
One Pair – literally that!
High Card – Any high card.

Texas Hold’em Poker – In this poker variation, each player is given 2 cards known as hole cards. Five community cards are then given face-up to create the board. All players use the cards given to them to make the best possible five-card poker hand. This is the most popular of all the poker variations played online.

Omaha Hi/Lo Poker – Due to its consistently large pots, Omaha Hi Lo is also known as Omaha High Low or Omaha Eight or Better. This game has become hugely popular among the North Americans and Europeans. Each player in an Omaha Hi Lo game is served four cards which are the hole cards. Five community cards are served after this face-up to create the board. Players need to use these 5 cards to come up with the best 5-card poker hand possible to win.

Seven Card Stud Poker – Perhaps the most best known poker game on earth, Seven Card Stud is a traditional poker game which can take you your whole lifetime to perfect in. In the Seven Card Stud game, players are given a total of seven cards during the course of the hand, although only the best five-card poker hand is used to decide who would be the winner.