Now that Paddy Power Poker have announced the full schedule and line up for the winter festival in Ireland, many poker players can start to plan when and where they are going to get involved. The event is taking place between 22nd and 25th October. It will be held at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. The incredible success previously has guaranteed the return this year.

More has been added to the program, both in terms of entertainment and poker. The 100 Euro + 10 Euro Blind Mans Bluff World Championship event has been added this year. There are returning events such as the €150 + €15 NLH Reuby Event and the €300 + €30 round of each Freezeout side event.

P.Power the Communications manager for Paddy Power Poker said, “The Irish Winter Festival is back in Dublin City centre and it’s bigger than ever before….. so it’s the ideal chance to come down to the festival, play some poker, have the craic and leave a winner.”

Although this is very exciting news for those that follow poker avidly, many newcomers to the game will want to take part and wonder how on earth they can get involved with such an event. The top echelons of the sport will need no reminding of the basics before playing and they are repeated here because sometimes in the excitement we all get carried away and forget the basics.

Learn how to play Poker by watching a Poker DVD or Video Lessons

Firstly – learn how to play poker, now I am not trying to be funny, this is sound advice and one that many players have neglected in their early years. The professionals know the game and its rules backwards and this knowledge forms a solid basis upon which to strategise and hopefully win. Not completing this most basic piece of advice can lead to losses and early retirement from the game. For those that are big enough to own up to needing more information on this subject why not track down a DVD on online poker casinos or watch some Poker video lessons. Sometimes the most basic things can give you an edge.

Whichever level you find yourself at, this festival of all things great in Poker in the wonderful city of Dublin will be a great time. Enjoy all those of you that attend.