The popular game of Bingo is taking a turn and is reported to being played more on the internet than in bingo halls in casinos in London and in the UK. This was proved by an all time high sales figure projected by the UK Gambling Commission on online gaming this year. Bingo the favorite game of the ladies is even more popular in recent times and with the online option made available, enthusiasts prefer to stay at home and spend hours playing bingo.

Online Bingo In UK Growing

The bingo clubs have considerably dropped in number from 641 bingo halls down to 675 that was declared last year, however the overall sales figures indicated a 5% increase in sales, confirming that the popularity of the game was still growing and continued to be played extensively at all bingo halls.

The reason for the rise in sales on the internet was not fully known, but could be attributed to the fact that bingo halls attracted huge taxes and the ban on smoking too could be another valid reason. The online version of Bingo has become so popular over the recent past leaving the land based bingo halls deserted and uninhabited.

There are however two brands that dominate 40% of the Bingo market one is Gala Bingo and the other Mecca Bingo. The game of bingo has been on the rise in the past few years in the UK and the growth opportunities for online playing look promising.