A Poker Stars survey has shown that people prefer money to sex, in a shocking turn of events. In a question that addressed whether people prefer a healthy sex life or a big online poker win, the statistics have shown that people prefer the poker win!

The people surveyed and then later questioned explained that a healthy sex life comes and goes while the money from a poker win is more permanent – and of course they could use the money to make sure that they had all of the other pleasures in life that they may desire. What is most surprising here is that men were even more able to give up sex for a poker win then money. This suggests that the rumour of men needing sex more than women is perhaps on the false side!

However, it does seem that they put a higher value on sex all the same: when asked how much money they would be willing to be celibate for, women said about $1.9 million while men varied $2.3 million. A participant interviewed, male, aged 29, stated that playing poker and especially winning in poker was more of an adrenaline rush and more exciting then sex itself! An interesting future survey could be to ask those who won big in poker what is really better and see if money prevails in the end. Of course, the results are a little biased since the players were taken from an online poker casino and therefore were clearly fans of poker in the first place; but it does raise the question of whether you would get the same results if you quizzed the general population and perhaps put a lottery win in the place of the poker win.

The survey has made headlines as a new fad seems to be developing in the online poker world: surveys. Surveys have been taken regarding gambling, sex, food and money as well as many other subjects. In a survey about poker surveys – which really takes the prize for being the most ridiculous – the general claim was that it was welcomed in the gaming community.