Fruit machines are UK styled slot machines that are basically three reel or classic slots games. Even though the term casino fruit machines refers to several slot games, it is basically used to describe the coin-operated slots gambling machines that comprises of a set of reels that spin and then gradually stop to determine the winning pattern of symbols (usually fruit symbols like cherries and oranges).

The most basic gambling machines were launched in the late 19th Century, but the first 3-reel or fruit machines were manufactured in 1906. Since then, hundreds of different designs and graphics have been developed, with special themes, colors, and sound effects.

The initial casino fruit machines can still be found in many pubs and shopping malls in the UK that feature 3 reels with different themed symbols and icons that spin and line up across a single pay line and shell out real money gifts and prizes. Now there are plenty of online casino fruit machines, providing players with a lot of similar features, that you can play from the peace and quiet of your home.

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Casino Fruit Machine Features
In addition to these spinning fruit machines, if you hit the right combination of symbols you can play an extra casino bonus game which lets you win more money. The game lets you to rotate the reels for additional cash, rewards, and hidden bonus prizes.

Other attractive features of these fruit machines include the Push and Hold buttons. For example, the fruit machine reels spin to a bar-bar-lemon combination, you can keep the first two reels and then re-spin only the third reel. Besides, if you see that the third reel is only one step away from the other bar symbol, you can “push” it into place. Regular slot machines do not offer these options, which are unique to casino fruit machines alone.

Winning Casino Fruit Machines
Due to their extraordinary features, fruit machines are more strategic games than the other regular online slots, and involve more strategy to play and win. The secondary game on a fruit machine often lets you aim for a bigger win than what regular slot machines games do, and can offer as much as 2000 times the jackpot.

Tips For Winning At Casino Fruit Machines
There are a few essential tips in the game of casino fruit machines to remember, but still there is no guarantee that by pursuing these tips you are definite to win. Keep in mind that online slots and land-based casino slots are managed by microprocessors and refined computer programs. When the reels come to rest the combination of symbols is controlled by a random number generator that makes playing even more safe and reliable.

Slots machine games are pre-programmed to give back a certain proportion of the coins that are wagered by the player. These rates are computed over a certain period of time, which could be go up to a year or so. Hence, even if a slot machine promotes that it has a 98 % return rate, it does not necessarily mean that it will give you back 98% of what you have wagered in the machine.